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Current Location-------as of    03/01/22 ------- Wade Hampton 404

Traveling Bible Location

Rules for the Traveling Bible. The lodge with the Traveling Bible remains in possession of it until another lodge comes to claim the Bible. In order for a Lodge to claim the Traveling Bible they must attend one of the current Lodges meetings either a Stated or Called and must take one principle Officer (Master or one Warden) along with 9 other brothers to claim the Traveling Bible for their Lodge. 

18th District Square &Compass Club

Past Locations---------------------------------  06/01/2021------Taylors 345

                                                         12/07/19 ------- Cooper 282

                                                         09/12/2018 ---------------Bailey No. 146
                                                        08/05/2017 -------------Taylors No. 345
                                                        02/06/2017 ----------------Tyger No.190
                                                       05/21/2015 -----Wade Hampton No.404
                                                         11/07/2014 --------------Walden No.274
                                                        04/07/2014 --------------Cooper No.282
                                                         11/12/2013 ----------------Bailey No.146
                                                         8/08/2013 -------------Sam Poe No.284 
                                                         3/13/2013 -----------Monaghan No. 251
                                                         8/14/2012----------------- Tyger No. 190
                                                          7/27/2012--------------Sam Poe No. 284