18th District Square &Compass Club

 News From the DDGM 
     RWB Mark A. Bennett 

My Brothers,
                     I know this past year has been tough on all of us. It has truly been something that none of us could have ever expected. In so many ways the Covid- 19 Virus had impacted our lives, families, jobs and our lodges. There have been so many negatives that sometimes we forget about the positive things going on right in front of us. Remember that we are the ones that can make a difference, even if it is something small. I talk with Brothers on a daily basis and hear about how anxious they are to get back to our lodges and to be involved in our communities and in our lodges doing work. I can assure you that when we are able to do degree work safely that we will be busy. The 18th District has always been a leader and an example to other districts. This crisis is no different. I am so proud of our lodges for taking the steps that the Grand Master has outlined for us to start opening our lodges again. We have all 13 Lodges in the District open now and I believe that makes us the first District in the state to have 100% open. 
We are the ones that will keep Freemasonry alive and even stronger after this virus has been put behind us. I want every one of my Brothers to remember and reflect back on the lessons that you learned during your Degrees. Many of those lessons can be used to give encouragement to you during this time. 
Finally my Brothers, stay in touch with our lodge members. Let us not forget that many of our members may not be able to get out much during this time and Iā€™m sure they would appreciate a friendly phone call from a Brother. Also, remember that you may be the only example of a Freemason that someone sees. Let us all be sure that it is a good example. I look forward to seeing our lodges back at work and moving forward.
God Bless,
RWB Mark A. Bennett
DDGM 18th District