Past Locations----------------  11/07/2019------Cooper No. 282
                                                      10/10/2019-----Monaghan No. 251
                                                     09/09/2019-----Brandon No. 279
                                                     07/18/2019------Pelham No. 423
                                                     05/28/2019------Tyger No. 190
                                                     08/14/2018------Taylors No. 345
                                                     08/02/2018------Bailey No. 146
                                                     03/19/2018------Recovery No. 31
                                                     01/25/2018------Pelham No. 423
                                                     11/02/2017------Walden No. 274
                                                    09/05/2017-----Cooper No. 282
                                                    08/07/2017-----Ebenezer No. 101
                                                   08/05/2017-----Tyger No. 190
                                                   07/27/2017-----Taylors No.345
                                                   02/06/2017-----Wade Hampton No.404                                                                                         04/07/2015-----Recovery No.31
                                                   01/26/2014-----Bailey No.146
                                                   05/12/2014-----Ebenezer No.101
                                                   03/09/2014-----Sam Poe No.284
                                                   01/09/2014-----Monaghan No.251
                                                   01/07/2014-------Cooper No.282
                                                   01/06/2014-------Ebenezer No.101
                                                   11/12/2013--------Sam Poe No.284
                                                   10/29/2013-------Bailey No.146
                                                   10/22/2013-------Wade Hampton No.404
                                                   10/03/2013-------Walden No.274
                                                    6/07/2013--------Brandon No.279
                                                    5/06/2013--------Recovery No. 31
                                                    4/16/2013---------Wade Hampton No.404
                                                    4/10/2013---------Monaghan No. 251
                                                     2/4/2013----------Bailey No. 146
                                                    8/14/2012---------Sam Poe No. 284

Rules for the Hot Gavel. The lodge with the Hot Gavel must take it to another lodge and deliver it to that lodge at a Stated or Called meeting. The delivering Lodge must take one principle Officer (Master or one Warden) along with 4 other brothers to hand off the Gavel to the next Lodge. The receiving Lodge should try to pass it along to another lodge in the next 30 days. 

Current Location-------  as of  06/01/2021-----Taylors No. 345

18th District Square &Compass Club

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Hot Gavel Location